Movie Numerology

The obsessive compulsive in me can’t help but organize things in pointless lists. Ever make a mental note of things that share some obscure relational similarity? I do. I can’t quit. Here’s an example: movies with numerical film titles. {1}

In the interest of keeping this list reasonable, I’m not counting foreign films or sequels. As a general rule, most sequels suck anyway, with few exceptions (the Godfather, Indiana Jones, and original Star Wars trilogies come to mind). Bonus points for titles with two distinct numbers (example: “Nine to Five”). Partial credit for titles with non-whole numbers (example: “Nine and 1/2 Weeks).

For proof of some of these films’ existence, I’ve provided extensive hyperlinked evidence to the great online database of film, Internet Movie Database. This is a fact that only further proves my obsessive compulsiveness, don’t you think?

See the bottom of the page for some final analysis of all this mess.

x < 0^

x = 0^

(0 < x < 1)^

x = 1^

x = 2^

x = 3^

(3 < x < 4)^

x = 4^

x = 5^

x = 6^

x = 7^

x = 8^

x = 9^

x = 10^

x = 11^

x = 12^

x = 13^

x = 14^

x = 15^

x = 16^

x = 17^

(20 < x < 50)^

(50 < x < 100)^

(100 < x < 500)^

(500 < x < 5000)^

 (5000 < x < ∞)^


Curiously, all of this data roughly fits a normal curve (otherwise known as the “bell curve”):

…where the x-axis represents the number in the movie title, and the y-axis represents the number of instances each number occurs in different movie titles.


  1. Post thumbnail is taken from the opening credits of Errol Morris’s documentary The Fog of War []
  2. Partial credit! Fractional or irrational numbers [] [] [] [] [] []
  3. Bonus! Two numbers in a single title. [] [] [] [] [] []

6 thoughts on “Movie Numerology”

  1. i know this may necessitate a new graph, but the spanish teacher in me cannot help but suggest a title for the x=15 category (seeing as it is currently blank). it is not a foreign film, but it is about a foreign culture. it is called Sweet 15 and is about a Hispanic-American family and their daughter’s Quinceañera.

    Also, have you considered adding the movie Pie into the x=3.14 category (it is a movie that might be worth its own category), or generating a new category for 3< x < 4 (did I state that little math ditty correctly? it's been a long time since this spanish teacher did anything remotely resembling an algebraic equation...)

    1. What a great idea about Pi! How in the world did I miss that one? I’m supposed to be the math nerd. And what a great film, too! Yep, you got the nomenclature right. 🙂

      I’ll add both, Patty. Thanks!

  2. too hilarious.

    the formulaic graphing is enough to make me laugh out loud.

    maybe you can get a theorem named after you. The Lund Theorem. Kind of has a nice ring to it. Movie-goers everywhere would finally have a practical application for math.


  3. I am aware this is over a decade later, thought I would throw out ‘Five Easy Pieces’ (1970) featuring Jack Nicholson.

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