Electric razor battery repair

I have this old electric razor that was long dead…

It wouldn’t hold a charge, so the rechargeable batteries were shot. I opened it up and luckily the thing used the standard “AA” size.

Got some cheap replacements from Fry’s and soldered them in. Works like a champ!

It’s frightening how these razors collect so much hair over the years. I used a shop vac to suck out most of the micro follicles. Ewwwww!

9 thoughts on “Electric razor battery repair”

  1. Rob, I like your new colors here. It looks really good. I am hiding at the computer because James is trying to plumb the new bathroom and I’m hearing a lot of frustrated noises coming from in there. Thought I’d stop and visit your site. Guess I’ll go check on him now!!!

  2. You are a regular Mr. Fix-it! I need to get a soldering iron…got some projects I want to do that will require a good one.

  3. i think its great.

    why buy a new razor when you have the skills to repair a perfectly good one?

    not to get all ecological and everything (well, ok, maybe just a little), but at least this razor is not filling a dump somewhere…

  4. Rob, was one of the questions on the eHarmany survey, “What would you do if your electric razor quit working?”

    A. Purchase a new one
    B. Switch to disposable Bic razor
    C. Grow a beard
    D. Replace the batteries
    E. Tear it apart, take pictures, and post on your blog about it.

    You my friend are perfect the way your are.

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