The birth of SuperRob

The origin of the moniker

A great Dallas friend of mine, Mini, started calling me “SuperRob” years ago when I worked at her office. I’m not sure how or why it stuck, but it did. I’m pretty sure I didn’t deserve the nickname, but nonetheless.So with my whole Colorado odyssey, I thought I’d start owning the handle. Someone once told me that “ElectroLund” even sounded a bit like a strange superhero name.

So now you know how SuperRob came to be {1}.

SuperRob banner


  1. I made this image with the excellent GIMP []

21 thoughts on “The birth of SuperRob”

  1. yeah… i think it’s just my browser & your site that cut it off smaller than a square..
    it looks fine on Jules’ site. never mind. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Oh ok, well I could have a bug then. Surprise, surprise, huh Jimmy?! Do all the other gravatars look fine too or cut off? What browser are you using?

  3. Sure did, Flying J! I started with a flat 2D Superman image, which I found with Google image search. Then the rest is all layering, vector-based fonts, and filters. Not too hard to do, just time-consuming.

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