The birth of SuperRob

The origin of the moniker

A great Dallas friend of mine, Mini, started calling me “SuperRob” years ago when I worked at her office. I’m not sure how or why it stuck, but it did. I’m pretty sure I didn’t deserve the nickname, but nonetheless.So with my whole Colorado odyssey, I thought I’d start owning the handle. Someone once told me that “ElectroLund” even sounded a bit like a strange superhero name.

So now you know how SuperRob came to be {1}.

SuperRob banner



  1. I made this image with the excellent GIMP []


  1. All I can say is…. :roll:

    (and I used spell check!)

  2. Jimmy, I will strike you down with the mighty sword of teamwork and the hammer of not bickering!

  3. I like your avatar! It’s my favorite :!:

  4. yeah.. why is my gravatar cut almost in half? weird.

  5. I like yours too, Angela!! :mrgreen:

  6. I think you need to turn it around and be Bizarro Rob!

  7. Hey, Ang, the gravatars have to be square, so if your image is more rectangular, it will be sorta squished.

  8. yeah… i think it’s just my browser & your site that cut it off smaller than a square..
    it looks fine on Jules’ site. never mind. :P

  9. Oh ok, well I could have a bug then. Surprise, surprise, huh Jimmy?! Do all the other gravatars look fine too or cut off? What browser are you using?

  10. They all look cut off to me. I use explorer.

  11. ditto.. i’ll have to see on safari when i get home.

  12. oops, sure enough! can you tell I’m not a web developer? :oops: I’ll fix it later.

  13. Rob…did you create that with GIMP? That’s pretty nice graphics work.

  14. Sure did, Flying J! I started with a flat 2D Superman image, which I found with Google image search. Then the rest is all layering, vector-based fonts, and filters. Not too hard to do, just time-consuming.

  15. I think you need to start using your spell check too!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist!!! :lol:

  16. Cool :!:

    Somehow, one of my friends gave me the nickname Bob [short for Bobbin] and somehow it’s now Superhero Bob. 8)

  17. yes rob. clearly your superob image is very cool and distinctive but im still not sure what your blog is about.

  18. Josh, check out the About page. Link is below the banner image at the top.

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