The elusive new bird

I finally captured the beast on film. Like the Sasquatch and the Loch Ness before it, my new bird evaded my camera for far too long…

I bring you, the foul fowl:


Ok, Lynda, what is it?

13 thoughts on “The elusive new bird”

  1. The beak looks like that of the woodpecker family…

    My guess is that it is either a “Red-Shafted” Northern Flicker or perhaps a Gilded Flicker.

  2. How exciting! Another new bird. I would have to agree with Hojun4 on the family. Rob, you need a bird book!!! Ask Santa for one ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s an interesting looking bird. We have woodpeckers that like to bang on our guttering at 6:00 am!! Hope this one doesn’t do that to you. Has it discovered your upscale urinal? ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. The elusive bird has been identified!

    I was doing some investigation of my own through the internet and was getting somewhat closer, … but called in some more via the internet.

    So, with a big thanks to Bill Schmoker from :

    ” That’s a Northern Flicker. The red malar stripe (below its bill) tells me its a male and it is the red-shafted subspecies. (Yellow-shafted birds have red on their napes and a black malar stripe.) “

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