Theater seats!

In lieau of a couch (which I’ve sold now, hurray!) I finally put together all the parts of my theater seats.

Last year, I got a bunch of theater seats from an old theater that my buddy Jesse’s church bought. Two of them I brought with me to Colorado. They are finally assembled.

I’m not sure I’ll hold on to these for very long, since Sar and I don’t have a place for them in the townhouse.

But they sure are fun for watching movies. Case in point…





  1. Ha! I love that photo!

  2. Oh my gosh! How fun! You’ve got to hold onto these. James and I do most of our dating at home. (That happens when you have kids.) You’ll be glad to get these out, lower the lights, and pop some corn. You’ll feel like you’re actually at the theatre!

  3. Oh heck yes! As a single white male…I wants them!

    I suppose shipping to the Philippines is out of the question…

  4. Sweet! Now you just need to get some drink holders mounted on those puppies and they’d be perfect!

  5. Looks like fun “Pops”.

  6. I thought Lydia would get a kick out of these.

    She wants to know what you are watching. She says it looks like it is impressive.

  7. Tell her it was Incredibles 2: The Revenge of Syndrome. Just kidding. I wish the sequel was out!

  8. LOL! You are such a nerd!

  9. Of course, I’m also jealous!

  10. Congrats today you two!!!

  11. Words cannot convey the jealousy I feel, seeing your butt planted in those cushy seats. I weep at my movie watching inadequacy.

  12. lol cool.. and congrats!

  13. Cease and desist the degradation of our company image and intellectual property. Please respond forthwith; you have been served.

  14. Sorry, I don’t respond to threats. Talk to my lawyers (Mark!).

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