Dec 10

Tis the season to hack your address book…

fa la la la la, la la la la!

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Dec 10

last minute shopping

If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea, don’t forget about my SparkFun wish list page!  SparkFun also has gift certificates.

Aug 10

headset truth table

There are two kinds of people in the world: those that like keyboard shortcuts and those that don’t remember endless lists of keyboard shortcuts. My wife is the latter, while I am the former (CTRL + LFT ARW). I would like to think that this proclivity of mine is borne out of a desire for greater efficiency. Sarah just thinks I’m OCD, and she’s probably right.

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Jul 10

Traffic light parking assistant

I says to my wife, I says:

Dear, this new project is going to bring tears to your eyes, it’s so cool!

She’s shaking her head and says to me:

Oh, I’m crying alright.

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Jun 10

Baby gear

As new parents, we’ve discovered the sheer magnitude of baby related stuff that accumulates. And we’re thrifty people. I’m a semi-rigid utilitarian for crying out loud! Still have tons of crap.

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Jun 10

Skype test

Tested out Skype tonight. Iris really recognized me. Check her out:

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Jun 10

Craigslist scam baiting, part 3

Why is it so much fun to play with scammers?  You remember the last few times.  Here’s another chapter in the scam baiting dialogs.  You know the drill.  My emails are in black.  The hapless scammer’s are in red.  My occasional notes in highlighted blue. Let the games begin….

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May 10

Iris update

Wow, a lot of time has flown by.  Suffice it to say that every day is such a joy with this kid in our home!  She’s such an amazing pleasure.  On any day that might be challenging, stressful, or sad, all I have to do is look into this disarming, trusting, and innocent beaming smile to forget all problems.

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Apr 10

Garage attic

I added storage space to my old garage by putting in an attic. It was much bigger of a job than I thought it would be.

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Feb 10

Happy sextic (equation) day

Don’t be a pervert. I’m talking about the sextic equation, or the heart equation. Remember college algebra? Remember how this equation graphs a circle:

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