Vicarious entertainment

Pretty much right when we first found out we were pregnant with Iris, I got excited for the future of vicarious entertainment.  I’m speaking of sharing great cinematic moments with my kid, allowing me to feel that same wonderment again through her eyes.

an easy Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor

I’m lazy when it comes to HTML authoring.  There are few ocassions I need to write HTML — typically only for writing nice ads for Craigslist or eBay.  And when I do, I’d prefer to write them quickly with a WYSIWYG editor.  Here’s how I discovered a neat and cheap way of doing just that on Mac OS.


The auto mechanic asks me, “metric?” I think a second. “I believe it is, yeah.” Sort of a weird question. I mean, most of the bolts are metric, but I think some of the other hardware is English.

No, he was talking about the make of the vehicle. It’s a Toyota Matrix. MATRIX.

musical aphasia

The similarities of music to language are very striking.  While I fancy myself fluent in the latter (English, that is), I’m still very much a novice in the former.

Getting things done

My marital partner has a concise and specific way of getting to the heart of the matter.  She can see through the noise and distractions of my life in such a way that often escapes me.  This is one of the many reasons why I’m a better me with her than without.  Take for instance her perceptive take on helping me get things done.

Catastrophic Failure

A fluorescent light fixture in our house went out.  After replacing the bulb, the light still didn’t turn on.  So I figured I had nothing to lose by ripping apart the ballast.  What I quickly discovered scared me.