Documentaries have ruined me

About 15 years ago, I distinctly remember hearing a radio broadcast that was unlike anything I’d heard before.  It wasn’t the usual talk show, news, sports, call-in, top 40 type show.  It was engaging.  It was a well-crafted story, yet non-fictional.  It was refreshing in a landscape of RF wasteland.  It was my “driveway moment”.  It was This American Life.

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Project girl

Further proof that my kid has inherited some of my DNA: she loves projects and chores.  Check this out!

Cabinet child lock

My 1-year old is a curious kid.  She prides herself in breaking into highly secure bank vaults, er cabinets.  In particular, she’s taken a liking to our buffet which houses both china and liquor (neither of which are kid-approved items) behind two toddler-level doors.  So I had to come up with a way to keep her out.