Reinforced steel strike plate

The garage of our new house was broken into long before we bought it. Someone had kicked in the side entrance door. So I reinforced the doorjamb with a piece of steel angle iron, making my own door latch / deadbolt combo strike plate. Here are some pics…

Kitchen remodel

Sarah and I decided our first big house project would be a kitchen remodel.  The old cabinets were very distinctive, but not that practical.  And Sarah loves cooking, so we needed an updated more convenient kitchen.

Festivus, sort of

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is changing.  The leaves are falling.  We’ve already gotten our first light snow fall.  All of those elemental goings-on spell holiday buzz: Festivus!

Theater seats!

In lieau of a couch (which I’ve sold now, hurray!) I finally put together all the parts of my theater seats.