Here are reviews of two movies at a time. The goal is to compare their similarities and differences. The reason? I find myself constantly comparing movies and categorizing their likenesses. This section is a place where that thinking can be obsessive.

Frozen vs. Watchmen

It seemed obvious to me that the character of Queen Elsa from Disney’s excellent Frozen had glimpses of similarity to Dr. Manhattan from Snyder’s excellent The Watchmen. Both had nearly infinite power, which detached them from their humanity and fellow humans. Each secluded themselves far away in a self-made palace as a way of both…

Prometheus vs. Avatar

Prometheus Infographics

The planet Pandora has nothing — and I mean nothing — on the little moon SC-223. This place scared the (R-rated expletives) out of me; it was unnerving, frightening, dreadful, in all the ways that Pandora was not. I’m referring to the hostile alien environments from the movies Avatar and Prometheus.  Both have certain distinct…