On Death

I attended a funeral today of a colleague. The details aren’t important. It’s enough to know that a fellow human being died in an untimely manner.

I didn’t have the privilege to know him better. Yet I found myself very moved at his funeral. I realized that almost as tragic as his death was the fact that only in a time like this did I understand the value of life.

That great big machine of work-duty-obligations has a dehumanizing way of grinding the life from us. Don’t pass up the opportunity to hug a friend deeply, to love your family sacrificially. Do it today. We are here but a moment of time. Let’s make the best of it, shall we?

A man and wife sat in front of me at the funeral, the mother holding her 2 year old beautiful daughter. The woman was crying, and her girl asked her why. It was obvious that the woman was heartbroken. But looking into those big innocent blue eyes, she said through tears, “I’m happy, honey! I’m so very happy.” She embraced her daughter hard, holding onto life.

Tears of joy and life,

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