The giving of thanks

How great this feast! This passage of cheer!
The dusk’s crisp dew outside is near,
While fire within hedges from fear.
These walls of love, of shelter endear.


That’s a word that comes to mind every other day of the year. But during this season for me — from late November on through December — that’s a great time to regain perspective.

There’s nothing better than the winter season, that age-old time of change, of dying, to remind one of the preciousness of life. I was home for turkey day, surrounded by family and friends, and thankful to my God for the time He’s given me, the people He’s surrounded about me, and the food He’s put in my belly.

Thank you, one and all (you know who you are) for making me smile and grateful for my life. I don’t deserve such wonderful grace.

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