Neon Wilderness

Aren’t neon signs fascinating? Besides their obvious tackiness, they have become the standard accompaniment to the concrete jungles we call metropolises.

But I’m especially intrigued by neon signs in their various states of disarray. It’s as if they are silent warning signs of society out of control. I like to think of them as a running social commentary, perhaps depicting a culture of consumption breaking down.

That’s why I take pictures of them in these moments of disrepair. Occasionally, their burned-out bulbs might serendipitously make for a new and hidden message. Even better, these alternate signs can sometimes have a dual meaning for the business in question. All the more fun.

Have a look at the Neon Wilderness…

4 Replies to “Neon Wilderness”

  1. so funny. i was busting a gut laughing.

    i swear to god himself that i was just thinking the other day about starting to photograph tacky lawn ornaments and make an ongoing collection of them throughout my lifetime. i passed a particularly absurd display in broadripple the other day when the idea came to pass.

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