I got another email from someone with a broken VisorPhone.

A connector had come loose in this guy’s phone, so I took a look at it. The connector in question was the phone jack for the headset. This time, however, a pad was in fact ripped off the board when it came apart.

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But I was still able to fix it, since this connector had three pins, two of which were able to be soldered down to their corresponding pads. the third pin I was able to solder to an adjacent component for strength. I then glued the whole thing down with a one-part epoxy glue called E6000. It turned out alright:

Handspring’s poor assembly quality control is strange. A cold solder joint like this should have been easy to spot before shipping.

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  1. Very good! I didn’t take my tame to understand the exatc purpose of this site, but it really helped me to fix by myself my own VisorPhone. There is a connector between the two chipsets inside, the one with the phone on it, and the one with the vibrator/loudspeaker/phone jack. The one part of the connector is detached from the chipset, but with some paper inside i’ve managed to retain the contact between the two sets and now my phone rings like crazy once again!

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