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  1. Congrats on the Matrix, Rob!

    I wouldn’t mind driving one, one bit. Reminds me of my compact car I drove in Europe, only a bit bigger and more sporty 🙂

    Compact, versatile, fuel efficient, powerful engine, modern styling, … bring it on. Saw one the other day that’s 4 wheel drive and I thought that would be one safe ride for in the winter.

  2. I have an 05 Matrix BASE. I have been doing various “Things” to make it more…likeable. I am adding OEM Fog lights next week. Does anyone know how to jump a wire(s) in the fuse box to get the FL’s to come on with the DRL’s????I wouls appreciate any help. The factory harness has the connect5ors already at the location of the FL’s…but no interior switch. empty spot in fuse box for relay. Thanks for any help.

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