Rob and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Ever have a really bad day? You might try going to Australia…

Guess what I got in the mail today? A really neat book from my childhood.

Mom and I were talking recently after a hard few days, and she reminded me of this favorite childhood book of mine. We were reminiscing about it, but I didn’t expect to see it again. Aren’t moms cool?

Thanks, Mom. 🙂

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  1. Aww, how cute! Carl, you were such a good brother.

    I’m 5 years older than my sis (Melissa), but that poor kid didn’t get much brotherly love from me. Isn’t that terrible? Like a clod, I didn’t appreciate my sister until much later. We’re super close now, but not geographically.

  2. I went on a quest a few years ago to replace copies of books I remember having. Ebay and used bookstores are great for this. I made sure to get editions with the covers that I remembered. Its not quite the same as having your original books but is still fun.

  3. Julie, I think you planted a thought into my head, because last night I had the most vivid secret room dream! I found this hidden panel in a closet and behind it was a really long tunnel.

    At the end of the tunnel was a large opening, like a chamber. And on every wall of the room was a door, 4 in all.

    Then I woke up! What does it all mean? 🙂

  4. No shame in that! I’ve always swore that if I ever had the money to build a big place that it would have secret passages. Its such a cool idea to think of having a place that would get passed on through generations and then years later someone would discover these passages that you had hidden…its just too fun.

  5. Oh Abby, how I remember Baby Dear!!! 🙂

    I’m 11 years older than Abby and remember reading this book to her when she was a cute little stinker…

  6. What’s with Jimmy, Carl, and Rob posting in the wee hours of the night/morning? As my mom would say, “You’re going to make yourself sick staying up so late.”

  7. Yes, mom’s are cool! This is a fun book, I remember reading it in a doctor’s waiting room several years ago. Quite fun. Its always neat to get ahold of things from your childhood and I would encourage parents and future parents to hold onto things, especially books, that are a part of your child’s younger years as they most likely will find a need for them again as they get older.

  8. .. yes, but that would require actually paying attention..

    ooh.. i did save a couple books from my childhood that i loved. one was “the house of dies drear” by virginia hamilton.. had this old house that used to be a part of the underground railroad & there was all these secret passage ways.. i decided then that when i was older, i’d have a house that had secret passages too. lol

  9. I don’t often remember my dreams, but if I have a dream that stands out, it is often about a house. They are always James and I’s homes and they always have lots of rooms. In some dreams there have been hidden rooms. One dream was a old house with room after room full of beautiful antique furniture. Another dream was rooms full of waist deep water. All these “extra” rooms are usually downstairs or in a basement. It’s kinda like I “discover” them.

    I so badly wish I had my childhood books. I had lots of them. I wonder what ever happened to them…

  10. ever read a book called the pokey little puppy? that was my favorite book when i was a kid. ironically, my dad pulled a “mom” trick and gave it back to me a few years ago after i had mentioned it in a conversation.

    dads can be pretty cool, too.

    sorry about your string of bad days…

  11. I still love to read children’s books. They are quick reads, are fun, and teach universal lessons about how to appreciate being in someone else’s shoes.

    Julie – We need Karen to give us her take on these house dreams. It sounds like a symbol for your life or your outlook on your life at that given point in time. Or maybe you just really need more room in your house. :o)

  12. Hey – thought I’d add my 2 cents. I fortunately have many books from my childhood being stored at my parent’s house. My favorite is a book called Baby Dear. I need to bring it home so that I can read it to my future children.

    Moving on, two of my favorite movies are Private Eye and Clue mostly because the old mansions are full of secret passways.

    Lastly, I have a book called Through the Hidden Door that is based around two boys who attend a private school who find a hidden cave. In the cave they uncover ancient artifacts. It is a really cool book.

  13. You have opportunities that are very near, but you are hiding them from yourself.?!? Sounds like at least four of them.

    You know what Freud would say about the tunnel…

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