UFO Captured on Film!

Look, in the sky! Little green men!

UFOOn a recent trip to Galveston, Texas, I inadvertently captured something peculiar on camera. I was walking on the beach with my girlfriend and happily snapping pictures with my digital camera (Canon PowerShot A70).

After checking them out much later, I noticed that there was something strange in one of the stills. Let’s start with the sequence of pictures as I took them in chronological order (after you’re done, don’t forget to hit your browser’s back button until you come back here):

Notice it? The pictures were taken in this order:

20:12:42 (40 seconds elapsed)
20:12:47 (5 seconds elapsed)
20:12:50 (3 seconds elapsed)
20:12:54 (4 seconds elapsed)

You’ll notice that between the 12:42 and 12:47 frames, the object pops up. The circle on the 12:42 frame is where the object appears five seconds later. I was able to determine that based on the similar cloud pattern. In the 12:50 frame in the first album, the object is gone again. So, just what was it and where did it go so fast? Beats me, but it was fun to get all X-Files about it!

Just last week, a boy in the Awana club I volunteer for asked me if I believed in aliens. I told him that we just couldn’t be for sure, but that I wouldn’t be surprised if they existed.






8 responses to “UFO Captured on Film!”

  1. icerabbit Avatar

    Fly by from a jet fighter?

  2. mel Avatar

    I wouldn’t stand directly beneath that alien if I were you.

  3. icerabbit Avatar

    PS: I have a Powershot A70 too and have been very pleased with it. Technology is moving forward, but I still love the thing. Even after 12000 shots (yep) and a few scratches.

  4. patty Avatar

    in light of god’s diverse creative displays on our own planet, i find that entertaining thoughts about extraterrestrial lifeforms is actually pretty logical.

    and btw, gorgeous pictures…including the ones without the flying saucer.

  5. Arion Avatar

    lol I agree that the speed in which it must have been travelling if the time sequencing to placed on the images is correct, must have been pretty quick, however it does look like a hat someones thrown like a frisbee out to sea 😛

    I also think if aliens wanted to come to earth and be seen, they’d be driving something a damn site more pimped up than a 70’s visualisation of alien spacecrafts, but you never know, the universe is so damned big that other life has to exist somewhere…. nice pictures by the way : )

  6. keegan Avatar

    do you think aliens know were here and if they do how come they don’t want to be seen 🙂

  7. keegan Avatar

    hey mel i would it would be neat to get away from my brother

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