The Innocence Mission

One of my new favorite bands is Innocence Mission. I just love them. They really connect emotionally with me.

Funny thing is that I found them randomly through the iTunes Music Store.

You know what I appreciate about them? When I found them, I wasn’t looking for “Christian music” in a cliched faith-based retailer. But from purely their asthetic — the purity and somberness in their music — I found common faith. That’s wonderfully refreshing to me. My favorite song right now is “Snow”.

They’re regarded as indie folk. I feel very peaceful when I listen to their poetry set to music. Listen to this line:

If I got out in the morning snow
In my pajamas and my winter coat
And take from the house our darker thoughts,
And take away the memory of loss,
And if I drop them into the snow
Will we never find them anymore?

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  1. The Innocence Mission are excellent. I wish they were more well-known. If you like IM, give The Sundays’ first two albums a try as well.


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