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portrait Hi, my name’s Rob Lund. “I am not my job,” says Douglas Coupland in his novel Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. I couldn’t agree more, and neither would Scott Adams, creator of the wildly popular Dilbert.

Nevertheless, we are compelled to slave in the “salt mines” to preserve our standard of living, promote the
common good, and pay the electric bills. Despite what Dilbert may say about the irrationalities of pointy-haired bosses, the workplace has a way of defining us.

Currently, I’m employed by a great little engineering firm in Dallas, TX. Micro Technology Services, Inc. specializes in consumer electronics, designing circuit boards for manufacturing. I’ve had the great opportunity to be involved with some wild projects. Contact MTSI for more info on what we do.

ElectroLund banner

So then, just what is “ElectroLund”? Well, it’s where Coupland and Adams collide, fusing the “day job” with the pastime. Besides being my new online moniker, ElectroLund is literally a composite of my occupation and last name — who I am mixed with what I do.

Herein, you’ll find both my rants on life and my handiwork with a soldering iron. If you’re curious about the ElectroLund banner, I created it with cutouts from the titles of several different engineering periodicals I subscribe to. Here is the list that makes up the title:

E: EE Times
l: Military & Aerospace
e: Offshore Engineer
c: NASA Tech Briefs
t: Solid State Technology
Material Handling Management
o: Compact PCI Systems
L: Portable Design
u: Product Design and Development
n: Compliance Engineering
d: Design News

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  1. Ok, gang, sorry for the confusion. But I imported this post from the old blog (it was lost in the shuffle back when I moved everything into WordPress). I put it back in just for historical reasons.  Sort of a breadcrumb approach.
    Some of you who subscribe to the blog got a notification of this. Never fear, I’m not back in Dallas and I haven’t left Sarah! I’m Coloradan to the core now.

  2. Yes, you are confusing me with the 2005 posts. But I know you wouldn’t leave Sarah or Colorado, unless Sarah was with you!!!!

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