Best Friends and Tree Houses

Great blog by my great, great friend…

James is a wonderful guy, husband, father, and friend. He’s written a cool piece on what it means to be a “best” friend. He and I have always been that, especially so growing up in Missouri. James taught me how to drive a manual transmission in his white RX-7. Those were the times!

It’s tough how things change over time. Due to the distance between us, it’s difficult to keep fostering that friendship that was once so pure and childlike. It’s still there, but just different now. James is married and has a bustling family. I’m… well, not. But I’m busy with my own life 500 miles away.

Life moves on.

But it’s encouraging to know that those friends of old are still there, still willing to pray for me, still lending me a shoulder to cry on. How richly blessed I am! How deep is the well of love in which I draw!

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  1. Yeah good read, C-Man. I agree with you. I guess putting a label on friendship has its own hazards. What “best” is supposed to communicate is the depth of the friendship, I think. As opposed to simply playing favorites.

    When I met my current roommate in college, we connected deeply too. He’s probably the most similar to me in this stage of life. But I didn’t grow up with him like Jimmy. We didn’t make Star Wars operas in our basement like I did with Jimmy.

    1. I hope to god that you mean “operas” in the space opera sense and that you weren’t actually singing because I’d hate to think of the many neighborhood animals whose eardrums burst if that was the case…

      1. Yes, that’s opera in the space opera sense! No singing was involved. 😀

        Jimmy, your Star Wars plays (is that a better word, Carl?) were always the best. Your choreography and plotting were brilliant. Lucas would be proud.

        In other Star Wars news, anyone seen the Clone Wars cartoons? They’re awesome! I bet SciFiChick has.

        1. Doh!!! No sense changing your wording…there’s nothing I can do now…that image of James dancing like Gene Kelly and singing like Placido Domingo will forver be etched in my mind…unfortunately he’s also wearing an ugly bath towel in this image..don’t know why that is for sure..

        2. hah. no i haven’t seen them.. i’m not really into cartoons, besides the old spidey & league of justice cartoons from when i was growing up.. they just don’t make them like they used to.. so i don’t even know anything about the clone wars cartoons!

          (although, i have to admit.. while babysitting not too long ago, i caught an episode of that new x-men cartoon & thought it was excellent.)

  2. I’m not sure that I can handle the images that have come to mind reading these comments in relation to the James I know…”opera” and “choreography”….Have you ever seen the movie ‘Waiting for Guffman’?….that’s what is springing to mind!

    1. Yes, Christopher Guest! He rules. Hmm, maybe I’m choosing the wrong wording. Just ask Jimmy, he’ll tell you. He was quite the auteur back in the day. Oh, wait, I’ve gone and used one of those words again.

  3. I was so sad last year when one of my cassette tapes of our ‘star wars operas’ broke. I should have recorded that thing to CD a long time ago.

    That cassette was complete with our own sound affects as well. I could hear the spit flying out of our mouths as we tried to make all those sounds.

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