Tax collectors are evil.

They are to blame, not me…

This mess you see below, this pile of paper, this mound of manuscripts, this fountain of forms… it’s their doing. It’s their bearucratic bidding, their calling us to civic duty. Tax season.

Sure, I’ve let my record keeping slip for the past, oh, 6 or 7 months. Give or take. But they should pay for my procrastination.

If anyone asks, you tell them that I’m over 65, make under $12,000 annually, and have 7 children. And I would not like to donate $3 to the Presidential election committee.

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  1. I’m just hoping to break even this year!

    On a happy tax note, the wife and I were the recipients of a very nice meal Friday night courtesy of the Jimmy’s House tax return.

  2. wow.

    if your blog suddenly stops being active on April 16, we’ll know you didn’t make it…that somehow in it’s jenga-esque state, the stack of manuscripts and forms came down like an avalanche upon you when you pulled the W2 out from under the bottom of the pile…

    good luck my friend…and, uh, don’t get too jealous when i say that my dandy little return was direct deposited on friday afternoon.


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