UFO sighted!

Could it be visitors from Mars? War of the worlds?

There I was, driving down Highway 75 in Dallas, and above me were these eerie shining lights. They were hovering about 100 feet above the road. And then this bright beam of light burst down onto the car in front of me. Lucky for me, I had my camera handy.

Behold, little green men:

Any theories as to what it was I saw?

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  1. I don’t know what the balls of light are, but they seem to be showing a great fascination with the pole. Perhaps poles are worshipped and revered in their homeland.

  2. The ladies are the smart ones (you guys could have told me that, right?!). It was a misty night and I just couldn’t pass that picture up. Looked like a dead ringer for an alien landing to me.

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