Numbers don’t lie

Startling new evidence suggests…

A couple things of note:

1) I caught an interesting read over at Salon today about the new trend of wife-shopping among men. Apparently, you ladies aren’t the only ones with biological clocks. But regardless of who’s ticking, desperation’s always a turn-off.

2) Then Patty has a hilarious post about the inequality of formal prefixes between the sexes. “Mr.” for men says nothing of their marital status, while the options for women revolve exclusively around this.

So all of this talk about singleness and datelessness got me thinking about that old fiend Probability. But before I could whip out my calculator, as if by providence, I happened upon a stunning bit of scholarship on the subject. Behold: statistical evidence on “Why I will Never Have a Girlfriend”.

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  1. Hmm, two excellent points, ladies. On one hand, Angela’s point about religion greatly reduces the numbers.

    But then Julie’s point brings in the supernatural, which is indeed — by definition — unquantifiable.

  2. Ok, that statistcal evidence was outstanding! Very, very funny. I had no idea how improbable marriage really was…

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