He’s really into photography and took some pictures of various flowers…

Got a call from my sis today. She had a rough day yesterday and her husband, Jim, did the sweetest thing. He’s really into photography and took some pictures of various flowers and then put the images on Melissa’s computer desktop that day. Isn’t that great? I love how distinctive the gesture was. Sure, in a tight jam a guy can always send flowers. Flowers are always good. But going with the photo idea had his own fingerprint underneath it. It was that much more personal and thoughtful.

I swear, I keep getting great pointers like this from Jim. Thanks, bro!

Now to find a little lady to send digital flowers to…

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  1. Do you see, people? This is what I’m talking about! Great material.

    Note to self: look into her eyes, furrow brow, and repeat Jim’s serenade.

  2. Don’t I have a great husband? I have had a rough few days with finals and work, so it was such a treat when I came back from a rather dull meeting to find these flowers along with a note on my desktop at work. Plus, for a person addicted to scrapbooking, it’s handy to have someone around who can take great pictures! 😉 ~I’ll leave the technical details to Jim~

  3. Great pics and a really fun idea. I’m also curious as to what he used to take them. Makes me even more anxious to get off work today and get out in the beautiful weather!

  4. Julie, I’ll pray for one for you and you pray for one for me and then we won’t have to feel like we’re using our faith selfishly…. 🙂

  5. Oh that’s right, the scent! I forgot all about that. (can you tell I’m a guy?) Jim, what did you do about the lack of fragrance?

  6. That is incredibly sweet and romantic!

    Did he take them with a digital camera? I’m curious what he used. I’d love to have a digital camera.

  7. Thanks for the plug, Rob! 🙂 Somehow I manage to stumble my way through marriage and do things right from time to time. It was fun to be able to give her flowers in my own way and I think it was needed for us both during these crazy times. ItÂ’s a stress reliever and a creative outlet for me and any woman loves to get flowers when times are down, so it worked out nicely.

    As for the technical detail, here they are in two different versions:

    Tech. Terms:
    Camera – Pentax *ist DS
    Lens – Tamron AF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 (in macro mode)

    Laymen’s terms:
    Camera – A 6 megapixel digital SLR. (SLR = single lens reflex, or a professional-grade camera with interchangeable lenses)
    Lens – a telephoto lens, roughly equivalent to a 4-5x zoom (which is able to focus on and capture very small details when used in macro mode).

    …in other words, a camera that is probably smarter and worth more money then me. But I have a lot of fun with it. 🙂

  8. That’s exactly what I want, a digital Pentax SLR. Wishing, dreaming, hoping… Sounds like an old 50’s song.

    I have a Pentax ZX-M, SLR with a zoom lens.

  9. That’s really lovely.

    Sorry Rob to have taken so long in getting back to you here. You posted on the ‘name of your blog’ post I had a couple of weeks ago, and though I was overwhelmed with over a hundred comments, I thought I had written back to everyone. Now today I see I have since received several more, yours included.

    It was good to hear from you, I like what you have here. Beautiful photo, I just adore flowers.

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