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How many letters are there in the word “height”

Ok, folks, time to vent you pet peeves. A couple come to mind right now. I’m not sure if this is a colloquialism or what, but just how many letters are there in the word “height”? I consistently hear it pronounced “heighth.” Yep, three h’s!

Here’s another one: there’s no such word as irregardless.






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  1. Angela Avatar

    i like going to san diego & pronouncing “La Jolla” wrong on purpose.. just to annoy people. 🙂 hehe

    1. Rob Avatar

      lol, how funny. So wait, how is La Jolla pronounced?!

    2. Rob Avatar

      Weird, speaking of La Jolla:

      On April 28, it apparently rained shrimp onto the tennis courts at the Summit residential development in La Jolla, California. According to Scripps Institution of Oceanography curator Bob Burhans, the shrimp were likely sucked up by the wind and dropped over land.


  2. Melissa Avatar

    I’m feelin’ you on this one, Rob! We have a little Mexican joint here in Minnesota called Chipotle, phonetically pronounced ch&-‘pOt-lA; however, some of my fellow Minnesotans tend to pronounce it ch&-‘pOl-tA or even worse ch&-‘pOl-tAs. The “L” does not come before the “T” and it most certainly does not have an “S” at the end! Nails on a chalk board!

  3. Melissa Avatar

    This afternoon, I went to Chipotle with some co-workers. I laughed out loud as I read the following rant on one of their cups, especially considering it was my chipoLte-saying supervisor’s cup.

    “Ok, call us sensitive. We love to hear our name come up in conversation, but we wince a little every time we hear it mispronounced. And that happens a lot. Among the many “creative” ways people refer to us are:

    Chipoltay (the classic)

    Shapoltee (the French variation)

    Chipoletti (the Italian variation)

    Shipotlay (Bob Blessing version)

    Chipoddle (way North American)

    Chipotulay (the extra syllable)

    Our founder, Steve Ells, is to blame. He picked an unusual word for an uncommon chile to be our symbol and our name. After all, he thought he’d open only one restaurant. Steve never thought it would become our happy mission to teach the whole country how to prounounce it.

    But really, it’s pretty easy:


    Three little syllables. One big taste. But bottom line? We’re happy to see you however you say it.”

    Funny, huh?!

  4. Jimmy Avatar

    How about this one.

    I could care less. So are they saying they could care less?

    As you know it is supposed to be “I couldn’t care less”.

    What makes this even more amazing is in the forums I read people will even type it out wrong. Do they even read their own words?

    1. Carl V. Avatar

      I think I get that one wrong from time to time….thus I propose rather than saying/typing either ‘I couldn’t care less” or “I could care less” that you substitute “you suck” in their place.

  5. Rob Avatar

    I have a new pet peeve! When people, especially in TV shows and movies, preface their Big Declaration with “You know what?…”

    Listen for it and soon you’ll be bugged to death too.

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