Modem go boom

This is my Mom’s busted modem. It got into an argument with a thunder storm.

The storm won. See the hole blown out the top of the modem chip?

I put together one of those Shuttle computers for Mom about a year ago. It’s a miniature desktop PCs. Cute little guy.



Well, somehow — don’t laugh at me, or I swear I’ll stop typing! — I forgot to protect it with a surge protector. They live in Missouri, the middle of tornado alley and all those Midwest storm cells. What in the world was I thinking?

Had to gut the thing: new CPU, memory, motherboard, and… ahem, modem. Thankfully her hard drive was still intact! Oh, and this time a surge protector!

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  1. The only real danger my PC ever caused me (execpt for all those IE Security issues & M$ eating my soul) was when my modem – for no good reason on a perfectly fine day – started to smell… then burst into plooms of smoke, to my surprse- “I didn’t know MSN could do that”.

    Anyway, Nice little box – I don’t know how pricey components are in the US but Macmini. For everyones sake!?

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