Ok, I’m a year older now.

I wasn’t even going to make mention of it, for fear of drawing embarrassing attention to the annual inevitability, but I got this card from Mom that I just had to share.

This is me as a kid, riding my plastic Big Wheels. Isn’t that nifty? Mom pasted this pic over the card’s picture. She has a good track record of sending groovy cards worth keeping.

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  1. That’s cool! We never had Big Wheels when we were kids but made it a point to ride friends’, cousins’, etc when we had the chance. I remember many a harrowing ride down a very steep street in town where one of our friends lived. Yep, riding Big Wheels down a city street…just another of the smart things we did as children! 😆

  2. Rob! That’s an adorable picture of you! Aww, my brother!

    Weird timing for you to post this though…I’m not kidding I dreamed just two nights ago that I was being chased down the street on a motorized Big Wheel, but I couldn’t get it to go fast enough. This man was chasing me, and I couldn’t get away. It sounds laughable, but I was really terrified! 😉

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