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  1. Great apartment! It looks very, very new! Are you going to have to share with a roommate or are you on your own now?

    Love the graphics on the coffee cup. Alas I still have not developed a passion for the bitter bean.

    Hope the church works out. To me that is the hardest part of moving, especially if you’ve left a good place behind.

  2. 😛 😛 Hi Rob,
    Love the pictures! Great to see where you will be. Is that a shopping mall I could see from your patio? Looks like a lot of bright light inside! Wonderful. Ebeneezer is going to love it.

  3. I love the quote of the day from that church’s site.

    “Because we offend God and stand in need of mercy, we are unwise to propose limits on it.”

    How do you like the weather change? Are you looking forward to some show?

  4. Sweet apartment! And you have a fireplace! Woohoo! We can buy you sweaters again!

    James, cool quote . . . I had to read it twice–ok three times before I got it!

  5. It looks like you’ll be there in time for the Purpose Driven Life study. I wish our church would go through it. I would love a good group bible study. Hope you find a good church home!

    I love your kitchen!!!! It looks so nice and clean.

    I don’t like change and am happy where I am but something about a big move and change sounds appealing to me. I am happy for you!!!! :mrgreen:

  6. Hey! I love the pic of the sun shining through the clouds. Whenever I see something like that, I inevitably think of one of my friends. She said that it was God’s promise to her, from a time when she wasn’t doing too good. Your apartment looks roomier than mine, and nicer. Very cool! 😀

  7. I do! Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gonnit, people like me!

    Had a great night tonight. I’ll tell you all about it in a new post this weekend.

  8. 🙄 Sure, whatever, Jules!

    Happy belated special day, Rob! Cool pix! I thought at first the sunbeam picture was of Missouri – it was the road construction that looked oh so familiar. 😕

    Your apartment looks great! I am impressed that the toilet seat was down. You must save that picture to help show what a sensitive guy you are thinking of the needs of women (of course you probably had not even used the bathroom yet). :mrgreen:

  9. Thanks, everyone, for the birthday cheer. 😀

    Carl, I’m a little bummed that the girl didn’t spring out of my cake like you promised. 😛

  10. Can you believe this is packing day. Let’s see, not counting today, 5 days before you head West. Cool! Now don’t forget, the big box, with holes, goes in the truck. No questions, just load it!! 😀

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