I came, I saw, I conquered

(My new Colorado surroundings have boosted my confidence)

Well, I’m here! The truck’s been emptied, my boxes are strewn about, and the computer is back online. Yep, starting to feel more like home again. Note to self: don’t travel 800 miles with a cat in the near future. There’s just not enough tranquilizer to go around.

Hard to believe, really. It’s all very surreal. I sort of feel like I could just get in the car and go visit my Dallas friends still in a few minutes. In fact, a friend of mine called me earlier today and said he and another friend were going to a restaurant and wanted to know if I wanted to meet them there. If only.

Jeff RohlwingSo, I visited a great little church this morning called Centennial Covenant Church. It’s a small fellowship, but very warm and receptive. I felt very welcomed. There was a guest musician named Jeff Rohlwing playing with the band. He put on a small concert in the evening service too. Phenomenal guitarist with a great voice. Check out his site.

There’s about three other churches I want to visit soon too. More details to follow…

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  1. Best wishes in this new, exciting chapter of your life. I’m sure you’ll find living close to mountains a wonderful experience. Will look forward to hearing more about how things progress for you there. 😀

  2. Go get ’em, Jesse! For the rest of you, I played volleyball with Jesse for the past few years. I wasn’t able to finish out this season with him.

    Man, I’ll miss playing with you guys! But I think I’ll miss our dinners at Bone Daddy’s more. 😉

  3. Rob, congrats on your new job and new place. I hope you meet some great friends. Are you closer to KC now?

  4. After talking with you Sunday, I see God’s hand in all of this. We miss you you. I know tonight we will be expecting to see you walk into Cindy and Robert’s for our study. 😉 Happy Sunrise! Lynda

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