My new office!

So this is my new office.

Check it out:


Pretty sweet, huh? Not much to look at here. It was still a storage room when I got it, but man does it feel like home. Not sure why that is. The whole nature of ownership, and all that. How can a dingy little space feel so good? Because it’s ours.


I digress. Tomorrow, look for some more pics of the furnished office!

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  1. Looks like you need a visit from Carl.

    He is an office decorator extraordinaire.

    I thought you were at MTSI till August 20th?

    Oh well, can’t beat Colorado for your birthday!

  2. Dude, my blog needs a visit from Carl! Maybe I made him mad? 😕

    Funny story about the move date. Liteye wanted me to “put out some fires”, so I took a week vacation to help them out. Plus, it gave me a great way to come out here and settle the apartment stuff, visit a couple churches.

    So my new move out date is the 25th or 26th.

  3. What are you talking about? I’ve posted 2 or 3 times on here since you switched over. Did something happen to the comments?

    You fly me out to CO and I’ll do an Extreme Office Makeover for you! 🙂

  4. 😆
    Ahh, a Carl comment. Now I can go to bed and sleep peacefully. 😉

    No, I got your other comments, C-man. Just ribbin’ you.

    Ok, we may have a deal with the makeover trip. Do you think my $15 Walgreens wall art will help improve the decor?

  5. Hey, my office is no longer purple…and it was a plum color not a dark purple! 🙂

    My office is a nice beige color now. I do have some more obscure stuff in my office. Brian Despain and Phil Noto prints, Richard Sala original comic art pages….but I display all with pride cuz its just a part of what makes me who I am!

    And Jimmy…I’d have to paint the walls a dark purple FIRST and THEN hang up the posters! After maybe adding some black lights and a few velvet Elvis posters! 😛

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