Party #3

Another group of friends got together before I left Dallas.

This group was my golf/volleyball connection. I’ve been playing the two sports with Russell and Jesse for a few years now. I’ll miss our restaurant outings and movie nights.

This particular evening, Jesse’s niece Amy and her friend Nadia were in town. Jesse’s sister Evie was there too, as was Neil and his girlfriend Kim (though Neil is hiding from the camera).

2nd to last dinner with the gang

Click the pic for a bigger version.






5 responses to “Party #3”

  1. Jesse Avatar

    Rob…it’s Nadya, not Nadia…just thought you might want to know.

  2. Jules Avatar

    You better get her name right. She’s really pretty! :mrgreen:

  3. Angela Avatar

    that’s for sure!

  4. Jesse Avatar

    She’s 19, in college, has a b/f….sorry Rob.

  5. Rob Avatar

    Ok, Jesse, I corrected it. Wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of woman!

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