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Wow, how long has it been? I was starting to show withdrawal symptoms from lack of blogging. Thanks to all you beautiful people who kept bugging me about the new blog and when it would hit the presses.

Do me a favor and click the “About” link at the top there, k? That is, if Jimmy would help me resurrect it. Long story. Jimmy’s a great computer guy. My blog is now hosted on his server, and he’s been a really fantastic help. Holy cow, if I hear the word database tables one more time, I’m going to cry. Thanks, Jimmy.

So excuse the mess while we clean up around here. The paint’s still drying. And, yeah, read the About page and tell me what you think. My blog (read: my life) is taking some abrupt and drastic turns, all for the better. I’m very excited.

Can’t wait to get this freight train moving.

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  1. Rob,
    Your new site is totally awesome. Well, worth the time and effort you took. Congrats!
    As you know, I am so excited about your move to Colorado. (And I am thinking “Road Trip”) I know that God is opening up a grand adventure for you. What better place to be to be constantly aware and reminded how great our God truly is! Stand by those Rockies and you will discover that your problems are small. Oceans and mountain tops have a way of doing that, at least for me. Kind of puts things in perspective. You are going to be truly missed. However, I know in my heart you are doing the right thing. Wishing you the best of luck, a safe trip when you move and wonderful days ahead!

  2. The site is looking pretty sweet! Glad you’re back in the mix. I’m excited about the move to Colorado. There was no way in the hot place I would ever travel to the heat of Texas but I love Colorado so maybe Jimmy and I could do a road trip sometime…that would be too cool! I hope you’ll love it there.

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