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  1. You got it, Jimmy. It’s a nice alternative to the traditional “entertainment altar”! All the equipment can be tucked away in a corner and a wall becomes your TV screen. And a big one at that!

  2. Rob – – – I’m a poet and I know it
    though my verses seldom show it
    Mostly I can’t rhyme
    Because I don’t take the time
    But once in a while
    I come up with something and get a smile.


  3. Curtains, schm-urtains… I want details on that projector! 😉 Screen or wall? How large is the image? And 5, 6, or 7.1 surround? 😀

  4. Too bad I couldn’t remember all of that poem…I wrote it for a getting to know you game a few years back…I had them all laughing and of course they all knew who it was from… 😆

  5. Your screen for your movies is super. Where did you find fabric that was wide enough. Do you serve popcorn?? 😆

  6. Ahh but, Nate, the curtains are a vital piece of the overall theater room experience. Alas, the outside light must be well blocked for maximum viewing pleasure.

    Ok, onto details:
    It’s a Dell 1100MP, 4:3, 1400 lumens projector
    Right now, I’m using just the wall — which looks amazingly well, I might add. I’ve got material to build a screen soon (black-out drape lining and 1×2 wooden frame)
    Zoomed all the way out, with an 11ft throw distance, the image is about 6.5ft x 4.5ft.
    I went cheap on the sound with a mid-line Cambridge Soundworks system for a few reasons:

    1) I’m in a small apartment
    2) My old Sony amplifier only has 5.1 decode
    3) As Neil can attest, I’m no great discriminator of high fidelity, i.e., good enough is good enough for me.

  7. All of the geek stuff is great. I still want to know about the popcorn. Let’s get to the REALLY important stuff! 🙄

  8. OK, as long as there is a manly reason to have curtains… Cambridge’s stuff is pretty good stuff too.
    Yes, on to popcorn… microwave or an actual kettle popper?

    And for the benefit of your other regular posters, I went to the same college as Rob, so I’m not some stranger that just started posting here. 😉 Didn’t want to weird anyone out.

  9. Strangers are allowed to post too, Nate. Like this James fellow, don’t know who he is. j/k!

    Jimmy, you should bring the whole brood over for a movie weekend! But I don’t change diapers. 😮

  10. I’m so glad that strangers are allowed to comment here! 🙂 I mean hey – I’ve got some strange commentors on my blog………!……..and I’m not just talking about the ones from Michele’s!!!!

  11. Hi Nate! Kettle popper sounds good to me. And I agree about the road trip. Bet it seems funny not having Rob and Ebb around, doesn’t it?
    I understand that the projector screen construction is under way. WhooHoo!

  12. Very sweet how you have your AV equipment on that cute rack on the mantel. Have thought about a projector as well but I’m afraid of the bulb life and with all the standards they’re throwing around … So, we have an entry level 30″ LCD tv ’till the smoke settles.

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