Breckenridge trip

I drove to Breckenridge, CO on Saturday for a film festival. Here are some pics of my road trip:
(I’ll post reviews of the films I saw soon)

Some sort of music festival was going on in the city of Alma as I drove through.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stop at this quaint little coffee shop.


This is the underground mountain tunnel at night on my return trip. It was a very steep grade!


6 Replies to “Breckenridge trip”

  1. Mountains in the background, that’s so cool. I’ve never lived around mountains. I’ve only seen them in person a couple of times. Very beautiful…

  2. That’s actually my fav too, ciera. There was another one I took where I happened to get my side mirror in the shot. I wish I had done that intentionally with more of the mirror in the shot. Oh well.

  3. My cabin is behind the hill/little mountain in the foreground….I wish! Love that area. You were probably close to Monarch Pass. Tunnel picture is cool!

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