Home brew stir fry!

Wow, look at this: I cooked! Can you believe it? Oh, and get this — it was not only edible, it was tasty!

stir fry
stir fry

I’m so impressed with myself. If you had any idea what a feat I’ve pulled off, what odds I’ve beaten by making this. It boggles the mind. Until recently, my sole sustenance has been a steady diet of hot dogs (very delicious, high class hot dogs, mind you, but hot dogs nonetheless). Oh, and canned soup. The stir fry you see above is all part of the new leaves. I started with some stir fry cut beef. And then I figured, why not put stuff in there that I like? Why go all traditional? So I threw in carrots, mushrooms, red peppers, potatoes, celery, and tomatoes. For the beef, I seasoned it with garlic powder, oregano, and copious amounts of soy sauce. Wow, powerful good!

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  1. Yum, and much healthier!!! Keep it up!! I could use some new recipes! Plus, it looks good on the resume, if you know what I mean.

    Do you grill? James loves to grill. He’s lost in the kitchen but awesome over a fire.

  2. on the resume.. lol
    it is funny tho, how many of my girlfriends hate cooking & don’t cook.. what a role reversal nowadays. it used to be drilled into our heads that “the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach.” now, a lot of girls are looking for guys that can cook!

  3. The man can cook!!

    It looks tasty!

    Uhm…do you then find it as hard as me to cook a meal for one? {{looks at ceiling, mildly embarrassed..twidles thumbs…}}

  4. I kinda like cooking for one… there’s no pressure to make something “perfectly”, in a way like Rob’s improvised stir-fry. Also, my last roommate and I cooked for each other and it was great times- but she ate mostly white processed foods, lots of fat, while I ate a lot of whole wheat low-fat items. It was hard to compromise on what we would both eat in the department of “healthy”. It’s refreshing now to cook what I want and enjoy it, along with all the leftovers that week for lunches!

  5. Wow!!! looks very good. I didn’t know this side of Rob.

    Keep it up
    Be careful with Soy sauce (too salty)

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