Licensed Coloradoan

It’s official folks. I have documents to prove it:

Both myself and my car are now licensed for the Colorado roadways.

No, I’m not telling you my middle name. But you have a hint. Relatives and privileged friends, no clues!

Old plate, curiously blank.

New plate, also numberless. (GIMP attacks)

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  1. Wow what a handsome and photogenic guy!

    Compared to some states Colorado has some fairly plain license plates.

    Where’s the big UNDER 21 on your drivers license???

  2. Oh, Mary, how kind you are indeed! Especially as I type this on a Friday night in, reportedly, “the nation’s best city for singles.” Ahem.

    About the plates — I cheaped out on those. They had an “upgrade” (pretty) option, but that was +$20. Yeah, no.

  3. Ooo, close, Sarah. You’ve got the first three letters correct and in the right sequence. 😀

    And here were are, blogging at 2am. Yikes!

    Man, why didn’t I shave before that pic was taken?

  4. Now that is scary, Rob, to get a reply so quickly at 2:23 AM… and I thought you were a morning person!!!

    And I’m very, very persitant so I’m going to keep guessing… what about Fremont?

  5. I love it, Jimmy!

    I know, I was up late last night. Old habit rearing its head, I’m afraid. Sarah, you’ve got two more correct letters, but they’re in the wrong positions.

  6. Only your excellent clues… which really helped me narrow it down. I do happen to work with a kid with Freeman in his last name… that’s why I thought of it.

    And hey… why was I the only one guessing?

  7. Julie already knew, and she prolly told Jimmy (her hubby). Carl and Mary were MIA. So, I guess you win the grand prize! Although… hmm, not sure what that is. 😐

  8. Being the sensible person that I am; I was not up at 2 a.m. guessing Freeman’s first name. Or was that Rob’s middle name?

    Jules and I were at a painting party today at C and J’s.

  9. I guess I meant to say I wasn’t guessing earlier today as I was at the “painting party”. Tori was there too; we all painted CJ’s new room.

  10. I love using semi-colons to connect two related independent clauses; I learned that in highschool and can’t get enough of it. It reminds me of Jules’use of “!!!!!” in her posts.

  11. Ugh!!!! I shouldn’t have used a semi-colon in the first post. “Being the sensible person that I am,” should have had a comma. Oops!!!!!

  12. I guess I need to use semi-colons.It might help balance my !!!!! usage. I’m glad Mary has explained how they are to be used. I need Elizabeth to tutor me. Over the years I’ve forgotten some of this grammar/composition stuff. I need my memory refreshed.

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