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Elgato EyeHome

I’m using an Elgato EyeHome media streamer as a replacement for television. I don’t have cable or even an antenna for free TV. Instead, I’m putting this 8Mb DSL line to good use and downloading my free TV via bit torrent.

The cool thing about this EyeHome box is that it will also stream photos from my Mac onto the projector, as well as my iTunes music. Kinda nifty.

I’m using a D-Link G810 wireless ethernet bridge to make the EyeHome wireless.

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  1. Julie, you have it all wrong. You should have said…

    “Sounds like geek to me”

    Rob, calm down. Not EVERYTHING has to be digital, you know.

  2. Pretty cool setup! So jealous… my biggest form of entertainment is my laptop computer and my 13-inch TV with rabbit-ears, which gets 5 channels. Since I don’t understand complex Spanish, I suppose I should say it receives 4 channels, though. Enjoy!

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