Rob’s big spinach salad

So I made a big salad tonight. This foray was a vast improvement over my usual culinary effort: broiling hot dogs.

What can I say, Julie inspired me. Behold the big spinach salad:

Ingredients (all hand chopped, diced, and sliced, mind you!)

  • spinach leaves
  • mesquite roasted turkey
  • garlic croutons
  • carrots
  • pepperoncini pepper
  • grated cheese
  • yellow pepper
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • 3.7 dashes of pepper (kidding, of course)

Also, note the swank plate and fork — both new additions at the homestead. I only wish I had a dinette set to bolster the pretty little plate.

I feel I can boast about this given my baking track record, which until recently has been rather dismal.

8 Replies to “Rob’s big spinach salad”

  1. Don’t feel bad, Rob. He asks the kids that all the time!

    I have been feeling bad about my blog. My thoughts are stale and I just can’t think of anything to post. I am glad that I have inspired you. That makes me feel a little better.

    Keep it up! I have a great salad recipe that is very easy to prepare. I will post it soon for you. :mrgreen:

  2. That’s awesome that you commented about your plate and fork. That was the first thing I noticed. I love em’! I’m sure Mom would be happy to hook you up with some matching pieces! 😉

    Julie, what are you talking about? I love your site and the way you write too! I don’t always keep up with everyone’s blogs, but when I do read’em I’m always sure to catch up on yours especially!

  3. Hey, Jules I totally know how you feel. Writing faithfully sort of has its valleys and peaks. There are lots of times where I feel totally uninspired.

    Just keep writing though. Rule #1 from Mrs. Griffin’s writing classes!

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