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  1. Rob, so how did you go about getting your iBlog articles into WordPress? Did you use something like ecto to help with the transfer? Details please 😉

  2. Hey, Bruce. First off, go grab Agitprop:


    From its page:

    “Agitprop was written for the express purpose of migrating all of your blog entry information to the MovableType import file format so it can then be imported into… WordPress.”

    Some caveats —
    The export file you get from Agitprop may contain some garbage characters. I used TextWrangler to do lots and lots of regex search/replace to get it looking correctly.

    The biggest hurdle was then exporting all my old Haloscan comments into WordPress as well (which I notice you are using too). Enter Justinsomnia’s plugin:


    You’ll see some of my comments there. What I had to do was some more fancy regex to match blog post with Haloscan comment ID. If you are a paying Haloscan user, you can get a full export of your comments.

    That’s a start. Let me know how it goes; I can try to help more if you need it.

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