Baking marathon, #2

So I have a bunch of veggies to get rid of…

…what better way than in a hearty stew?

Carrots, potatoes, celery. They all gotta go. My friend Lynda gave me a stew recipe so I’m giving it a try. It’s a 2-part process, and you’re witnessing part 1. It’s Saturday evening, the main ingredients are panned and in the oven, baking for a couple hours. And then they’re all going in the fridge overnight. Why? I dunno, that’s what she said.

homemade stew!
homemade stew!

Part 2 is tomorrow, when I throw it all in the crock pot with canned veggies. Tomorrow should be perfect for the stew too: high of 48 and cloudy.

Mmm, it smells so good in my apartment right now!

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