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Finally got a snap of the elusive Red-Chested Wooperwill…

Just kidding, I have no idea what this thing is called. My friend Lynda asked me what this bird looked like. I said:

Well, it’s got two wings, a beak, it chirps, and makes an incredible mess of my patio. Oh, and it has a red chest.

Well, here’s documented proof.


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  1. ..And no it isn’t a robin. I have to get the bird books out to see what might be in your area. Looks too big to be a house finch, but kind of hard to tell from the picture. Have you heard of “tel-e-pho-to” 😆
    This is cool!

  2. My mom has hummingbird feeders everywhere. When we sit on the porch in the evening or early morning, they swarm and dance all around us. Sometimes they get right in front of my face. They are so playful.

    I don’t feed wildlife. I don’t want anything else to feed. lol

  3. I believe you have a purple finch or a house finch. I am leaning more toward a house finch, not enough raspberry color for the other. You are so fortunate to have them show up so soon! 😆

  4. Love the sound of the whooperwill bird. I have no idea what they look like. My father died a few years ago and I remember his making the sound and wild birds would answer his call. Each time I hear one I remember my daddy. Does anyone know what they look like?

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