ElectroLund changes

Due to some nasty spam attacks, I’ve made some changes.

In just under 7 hours, I got hit by 200 comment spams advertising poker. So to clamp down on it, I added a little image verifier thing on the comment sections. Enter the alphanumerics into the submit box to prove you’re not a spammer.

There’s an option for reloading it with a new image if you can’t read the one that’s there. And your comment won’t get deleted if you enter it wrong or reload it.

Let me know if this is a pain for anyone. There are other methods of combating comment spam that I can look into.

Make sure the ID code is entered as ALL CAPS!

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  1. I am having a hard time reading it. I had to try three times on my last comment before I got it right. It might just be me. Maybe I need glasses. 🙄

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