Last will and testament

If you’re reading this, then it can mean only one thing…

I’ve trekked off into the rugged wilderness alone, and I may already be dead. Blood thirsty bears, coyotes, and rabid jackalopes await me. But rest assured. I’ll have my swiss army knife with me.

I’ve been told by concerned friends and family not to wander off alone. As a compromise to their advice, I am hereby notifying the world of my intentions: I’m off for my first hike!

 Images Mountains-12

Here’s where I’ll be in case of emergency:

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre
Trading Post
17900 Trading Post Road
Morrison, CO 80465

Please (Mom) don’t call them inquiring of my whereabouts until after 6pm, Mountain Time. That’s when I should return, bearing many pictures and hopefully another new outlook on life.

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  1. I read this not sure whether to fall off my chair laughing, especially after my email this morning, or happy to know you listened! 😉 I hope your day was as beautiful as the day is here! Can’t wait for pictures and to hear all about your hike. You picked a great place!

  2. Sorry, Jules, I cheated a bit. That pic isn’t from my hike! I just scavanged it off the net. But all the pics in the next post were mine, I promise!

  3. This picture reminds me of the Alps, or possibly somewhere in Pakistan. It is beautiful, no matter where it is.

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