Lost religion

John: I used to get angry all the time. Frustrated too.
Sun: You are not frustrated anymore?
John: I’m not lost anymore.
Sun: How did you do that?
John: Same thing anything lost gets found… I stopped looking.
–John Locke to Jin Kwon, ABC’s Lost

Jack: It’s not real.
Locke: If it’s not real, then what are you doing here, Jack? Why did you come back? Why do you find it so hard to believe?
Jack: Why do you find it so easy?!
Locke: It’s never been easy! It’s a leap of faith, Jack.
–John Locke to Jack Sheppard, ABC’s Lost

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  1. Ahhhh Lost! Yes, Carl, that is the way Tom and I see it! That is the ONLY show on TV that we make a date to watch. It’s great.

    There is so much about faith in it, too. I love it. Wednesday nights are already planned for us.

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