Holy crap, this show keeps getting better and better!

I love how it pits faith alone against reason alone in the two central characters, Jack and Locke.






8 responses to “Lost”

  1. Jules Avatar

    I wish I had started watching this in the beginning. Tom and Karen love it and make it a weekly date. I think it’s too far along to catch up.

  2. Melissa Avatar

    The first season just came out on dvd! Jim and I didn’t watch it either, so we’re planning on renting the episodes!

  3. Rob Avatar

    Jules, just rent them. They are by far the best network drama I’ve seen… ever. Man, I can’t think of a better show I’ve every seen! (Don’t tell Carl, but it’s better than Serenity and beats Battlestar Galactica by a hair!)

  4. Jules Avatar

    We thought about Netflixing them but didn’t know if we could get caught up to watch the series.

    James netflixed The 4400 and it’s ok. Tried Wonderfalls but I got tired of the B word real fast.

    We enjoyed Firefly, a lot.

    It’s easier for us to watch DVD than regular TV.

  5. Rob Avatar

    Same here. I like how you can pace the show to your own schedule.

    Jules, why do you have to catch up to the series on TV? Season 2 will be out on DVD next year some time. No rush! Just don’t let that Tom spoil any big surprises for you. 🙂

  6. Melissa Avatar

    That’s what Jim and I do with 24. We were behind the first year, so from then on we just rented them. It’s kind of fun. Last year, we watched almost the whole season making Christmas cards–Yes, Jim helped me! What a stud!

  7. Nate Avatar

    New episode tonight! Can’t wait.

    I got into 24 this last season, so over the summer I rented seasons 1-3. January can’t come soon enough for the new season.

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