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  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day! And you saw deer! Now how marvelous is that. And a mini-concert too. God has blessed you so much with your move to Colorado. And they even erected a bronze statue of you before you left Hee Hee! Who is the statue of? I don’t remember that there. Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures!

  2. LOL! You are too funny…a picture of your favorite book–a fitting backdrop of course!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. Someday midterms will be over, and I’ll have more time to talk!

  3. James and I got back this evening from camping. I am jealous of your hike! We had a great time too. We went for night drives to count deer and we cooked over a campfire. At one point I thought about counting trees!! I am trying to combat depression now. Chores….yuck! Oh and I read half of Captivating this weekend (another John Eldridge book co-authored with his wife). It’s great. I am proud to have daughters; the crown of creation!!

  4. Beautiful pictures Rob! It looks like you had fantastic weather. 🙂 I attempted a mini-hike this weekend myself. I wanted to capture some pictures of the fall colors here. The trees are breath-taking and look on fire. Unfortunately, the weather decided to threaten me with rain, but I still got a few ok shots. I’m still trying to figure out how to post pictures on my blog.. hopefully that will happen soon.

    Good weather, a hike in Colorado, and an Eldridge book…. sounds like the perfect combination!

  5. Getting away sounds like a great idea. I might try it.

    oh yeah – regarding your last comment on my blog —- it’s much easire to compose a fly by comment than it is to come up with an entire post of my own!!!! LOL!

    Glad you survived your hike!


  6. Rob, am I understanding right that you went on this hike alone??! That’s pretty amazing. I don’t think I would ever ever have the guts to take off like that in the mountains. 😕

  7. Well, my pictures are kind of misleading, Karen. I was at a park that has lots of accommodations. A good mixture of wildness and suburban amenities, i.e., paved sidewalks, bathrooms, etc.


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