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  1. It always feels good to be home! Well, at least for me, I’m a homebody. Some time away is always refreshing though!

    Glad you had a safe, enjoyable trip!

  2. I think that any time you move, the first visit back to the old location has significance. Six months after I moved to Colorado I visited my old roommate, who still lived in our apartment. One step in the door, with everything still in its place without me there, I burst into tears. I still don’t know why.

  3. It is always weird to go back to Tulsa, having lived there for 7 years. I met my wife there, we had Tori there…pretty significant stuff. Going back now, however, it really doesn’t feel like home. Seems almost foreign now.

  4. You’re back!!!!

    It took over a year for my apartment to feel like ‘home’ even though I’d considered the town to be home long before that. guess I’m kinda slow in some things.

    Good to have you back. 🙂

  5. “times, they are a changing.”

    That quote makes me think of that song from Ragtime, Rob. “Any man can get where he wants to; if he’s got some fire in his soul.”

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