the first Thanksgiving

I can’t think of any other people with whom I’d rather have spent my first Thanksgiving in Colorado… well, ok, maybe Melissa and Jim (sorry, Mom & Dad!)

My folks came to town last Wednesday evening and stayed till Saturday night. We had so much fun. I think in that span of 4 days, they’ve seen more movies than in the last year. We watched no less than:

  • Master & Commander
  • The Terminal
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Pieces of April (Dad saw this one while Mom & I went shopping)

Mom asked me the other night what a blogging person like her is called. If you remember, Mom has a fierce stance on non-public commenting. She refuses to comment on mine or other blogs because of the public nature of the dialog. So, being only a blog reader and not a blog writer or commenter, she wondered if such a person might be a “bleader”. I thought it sounded a little too grim.

On Friday afternoon, we ventured out to the Rocky Mountain State Park for a drive into the mountains.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time with your parents. I like the picture of you and our dad standing on the rock. You both are smiling!

  2. Aren’t non-commenting blog readers called ‘stalkers’?

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Pieces of April is a wonderful movie. I wanted to rewatch it over this past weekend but couldn’t get to it but will be watching it again soon.

  3. I am so glad they were able to come visit. It was nice of the weather to stay nice enough for site seeing.

    Rob, I can’t help but wonder about your hair. These pictures do not look much different than your old hairdo. Was it the wind, or lack of trying to emulate the new style your sister talked you into getting????

  4. Hmm, keen observation, Mary. Like father, like son, huh? Something about teaching an old dog new tricks… try to teach an aging golden retriever how to mousse his hair, I dare you!

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