The hair club for men

So my sister calls me up the other day and hits me with this question:

Are you still doing the bowl cut hairstyle?

The fifth Beatle?
The fifth Beatle?

Never the subtle critic, my sister! After collecting myself, I sheepishly told her that not only was her advice funny in its forthrightness, but that the whole exchange was destined for internet dissemination. What prime material in a valley of ideas!

She went on to counsel me in the relative ease men have to attain hotness with little maintenance and a touch of style. All that I needed to do was adequately research me some style. The timing is especially crucial, as I have guests coming this very weekend! And where else should one consult in such dire times as these? Why, the internet of course!

Below are some sample photos of guys with various computer-generated hairstyles. Imagine if you will that these dudes are me. Sorry, I wasn’t willing to fork over $15 for the privilege of uploading my own picture so that they could then superimpose digital hair onto my skull. So these will have to suffice.

Vote for your favorite in the comments. The winner will be my new style. But get your entries in quick… the weekend is upon us!

A) Hair1

B) Hair2

C) sort of a brad pitt spike?

D) Jim Morrison?

E) too backstreet boy

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  1. Ha! Aren’t sisters fun?

    I vote for A. I’m a little closer to E, myself, but that’s because I can get away with looking a little crazy as long as my dad is the senior doctor in the practice. When I’m on my own, I’m sure I’ll have to scale back and look more professional/conservative.

  2. Jules, you are drawn to the 80s and the Lord of the Rings/Vigo Mortensen look.

    Rob, I can’t imagine being able to actually pick a hair style.

    I vote B as well.

  3. I wish you could grow your hair like that, hon! That would be so hot! I’ll just imagine it in my mind! 😳 It’s too bad I have to take the clippers to your head each month! I still love running my fingers through your 1/4 inch locks! You’re the only short haired guy for me! 😯

  4. If my hair was any shorter I’d be bald.

    One of these days let’s just shave it all off and see what my dome looks like.

    (Rob, your stupid comment code thing sucks)

  5. Man, some people are never happy! (read: James). I got bombed with the poker spammers yesterday, so I turned the code widget back on. Fine, it’s off!

  6. You do look awesome with freshly clipped hair. I should take the clippers to it tonight for our trip.

    Rob, I was concerned about my hair, too. My roots are looking real dark and I’m out of time to have it done by my hairdresser. I hate the idea of going on a trip with dark roots. I thought I had a can of semi-permanent hair moose in the cabinet. I got all excited yesterday and was going to go to Colorado with auburn hair. I was really disappointed when I realized I just recently threw the can away! 😥

  7. hehe, do what I say!

    That last post of mine took 4 tries! 😉

    Can’t that thing be customized to be simpler. Blogger is the best IMO.

  8. I think it comes down to font selection. I need to find simpler fonts. Also, I suspect that the code plugin is case sensitive, but some of those fonts I grabbed might have smaller sized uppers to represent the lower cases. Oops!

  9. Lund, based on the picture you have posted here I’d have to agree with Mel… the bowl cut most definitely needs to be traded in for a new style! My vote is for C or B. I like C a little better. It does look like this guy got a few highlights… have you thought of that? Just thought I’d throw that in the mix.

  10. Hmmm, Jules I agree that I’m drawn to D, but it’s maybe not the most practical. I think all of them but A are good. My motto on male haircuts: “Longer is lovelier.”

  11. I say shave it all off and do the bald look!

    And as far as spam goes, why can’t you just do a simpler version of what you had before. Following My Fish has an example of the one blogspot uses and it is very easy to see what you have to type in and seems to work well at blocking spam.

  12. I don’t think Rob would look good bald. He’d be much better off going with B, or C in my opinion. Not that he looks bad now…but I’ve never liked the bowl cut either. 😆 🙂

  13. I’m laughing right now! The picture you put up there of yourself is just AWFUL! You are a good lookin’ guy, but that picture makes you look like Spock. So I am trying to picture those haircuts on that picture of you.

    I think B or C, too.

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you!

  14. Well people, it looks like B is winning. But if I have to cut off my Spock-doo, I’m partial to C.

    Karen, just because I’m not photogenic doesn’t mean you have to be mean! 😛

  15. I don’t know if this is good or bad. James was trying to remember what that kids name was and our 6 year old blurted it out for him. Hmmmm…she seems too young for pop culture.

  16. Darn! I just got back from my trip, so I probably missed my chance to vote. I don’t really like B–what’s up with the part spike? Actually it’s pretty funny because James said anything but A or C, and I was going to tell you to pick either A or C!

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