there goes the neighborhood

What are they doing to my backyard?!

bulldozing the neighborhood
bulldozing the neighborhood

The bulldozers came out late last week and began ripping up my “backyard” (the vacant lot on the east side of my apartment building). Every morning, it’s been my new routine to sit out on the patio (or inside in the warmth of my dining room), gazing eastward as the sun comes up, reading scripture or religious books.

It’s hard to do that with the mechanical sound of churning earth and the smell of diesel fuel.

I believe the church I attend (further to the right in the photo) owns the property, so I imagine this is for new overflow parking.

Remember that catchy Joni Mitchell song?

“They paved paradise, they put up a parking lot.”

Yeah, I know, that’s growth for you. The march of progress. Still makes me sad.

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  1. That’s too bad. That’s a nice open space back there.

    The lovely cow pasture to the east of us, recently turned into a dance studio. It’s annoying having so many cars coming every evening of the week. I kinda miss the cows, too.

    Your mornings sound so nice. I wish I was more disciplined to get up before the kids each morning for quiet time. Instead, I stay in bed till it’s time to get up and see to it that they are fed and dressed. I do it with one eye open until I get my cup of coffee half drank.

  2. I could go on and on about this subject. No one could accuse me of being a tree hugger as I love the convenience and variety of city life but I also love nature and I get so annoyed on my drive to work as I watch them tear up once beautiful woodland to put yet another Walmart or gas station or chain restaurant. God forbid people have to drive an extra block to get to a place to shop or eat!!!

  3. The funny thing is. . . as you have sat and looked at that piece of open ground and read and prayed, I’m sure the churchgoers have looked out there and fasted and prayed and dreamed of more space! Looks like they won! Ha! (Not that you were praying about that piece of land – just enjoying it)

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